Bluebell Village Application Update

The Tatton Estate’s team have recently applied to make very minor variations to the previously approved outline planning application for Bluebell Village (18/3672M) which was also allocated in the Cheshire East Local Plan.

We were not able to change the description of development from that proposed in the original application in 2018, to what was actually approved and is being applied for, therefore making clear that the nature and scale of the plans are unchanged from that approved in February 2019 with unanimous community group and town council support. Specifically it remains:

  • Local Centre of no more than 1,000 sq.m
  • Community centre or medical (e.g. GP surgery / dentist) use of no more than 800 sq.m
  • Maximum of 250 dwellings C3 use class; or Maximum of 275 dwellings inclusive of C2 use class (care home, to be no more than 50 units)
  • No Hotel
  • No Pub

We have changed the red line boundary of the planning application to exclude the former nursery adjacent to Knutsford Football Club.The scheme will now provide a direct financial contribution to the £1.3m cost of the King Edward Road widening scheme which replaces the previous conditions related to highways improvements.

Property development planning group Pegasus have written to Knutsford Town Council to explain the position and meet to talk through the minor amendments.

The application, number 18/3672M, can be viewed on the planning portal on Cheshire East’s website.

The last date for submitting comments is November 16, 2022.