Cheshire Property Review

The Tatton Estate is delighted to have been one of the sponsors at the recent Cheshire Property Review, which focused on the progress the Cheshire property market has made over the last year.

As a significant private landowner in Cheshire East, the Estate cares passionately about making a difference by working with like-minded organisations and individuals to deliver truly sustainable growth.

Our diverse portfolio means we get involved in all walks of life.  For example, over 1000 people live and work in our 500-plus residential, agricultural and commercial properties in Knutsford, Rostherne, Ashley, Bucklow Hill, Mobberley, Over Peover and Bostock Green.

Featured in the Property Review are:

RETAIL LETTINGS: Include lets in Knutsford Town Centre, in King Street, Windsor Way and in Tatton Street

RESIDENTIAL: resolution to grant planning consent for 200 homes at Parkgate incuding a high-quality Design Code pioneered by the Estate

INVESTMENT: purchase of Tabley Court Office Community (Currently available Autumn 2014 Unit-1-Tabley-Court)

In addition, our farm and other land makes a major contribution to the region’s rural economy and provides direct employment benefits to a large number of contract and tenant farmers.

With over 500 acres of woodland the Estate provides a significant environmental, landscape and amenity benefits and our property is home to a number of community activities such as the Royal May Day and the Knutsford Heritage Centre, fishing ponds and water courses, over 100 acres of sports, recreation, public open space, community facilities and in excess of 10 miles of permissive paths, bridleways, foot and cycle paths.

We are proud to already make a major contribution to the region’s economy, combining conservation and sustainable growth with our extensive work in the community.  In addition to over 1,000 people living and working on the Estate, we give direct employment to a large number of employees, contractors and suppliers.

We are committed to helping Cheshire meet its employment aspirations and economic potential by providing genuinely sustainable jobs and opportunities for the many people who live and work here. Our aim is to create places for future generations to enjoy and we are committed to working in partnership with local communities to deliver only high quality and responsible development, which could deliver thousands of jobs of the right type, in the right place.

We are proud of our track record of protecting the area’s heritage whilst ensuring development is genuinely sustainable to ensure many future generations can enjoy the Estate.  With the Northern Powerhouse forming an integral part of the government’s growth strategy, this means we collectively will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the local area and the economy of tomorrow.

You can view a copy of the Cheshire East Annual Property Report 2014 here.

Further information regarding the Cheshire East Local Plan can be found here.