Ashley Showground sponsors winner at Aintree

Peover jockey, Andrew German, is celebrating an Aintree win after sailing into first place at Saturday’s competition.

Representing the Cheshire Forest Hunt, Andrew was one of eight amateur jockeys from around the UK taking part in the Countryside Alliance race to raise money for the organisation.

Andrew, who is an avid fundraiser, was offered sponsorship for the race by Marsh Farm Partnership, which is part of Tatton Estate, who own the Ashley Showground which is regularly used by Cheshire Forest to exercise their horses and hounds.

The Showground was introduced earlier this year as a venue for countryside sports, supporting rural activities and to bring revenue into the community.

Andrew said: “I’d ridden for the charity before as an amateur, but had previously decided it was for the last time. However, when Ashley Showground offered to sponsor me for £250 how could I refuse!

“To have won at Aintree was the icing on the cake. Luckily the race was on the flat, so there were no hurdles to encounter.”

An avid supporter of Manchester United, Andrew said that winning the Countryside Alliance race was the same as ‘getting the chance to kick footballs into the goal at Old Trafford during half time!’