BBC’s John Humphrys Hosts Northern Powerhouse Conference in Manchester

In February 2016 TEM managing director, Henry Brooks, attended the Northern Powerhouse Conference.  Attended by major national and international organisations, it was covered by leading property publication Estates Gazette:
“Host BBC journalist John Humphrys declared [it] to be the busiest he had attended ‘in years’.”
Conference attendee Henry Brooks, managing director of Cheshire-based Tatton Estate Management, said: “It was necessary to come up with the term northern powerhouse, because people struggled to understand the North and what it is”.
“And the phrase is a good start, but I don’t think it’s yet fully defined in the minds of people who don’t live and work here.”
He added: “The North is not one megacity.  It’s a combination of the cities and the regions around them.  At this conference I almost want to interrupt every seminar during which someone says, ‘city’, and say ‘city region’!”
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