Tatton Estate’s response to the A556 announcement

The Tatton Estate’s response to the A556 announcement:

Following the Secretary of State’s decision to approve plans for the A556, the Tatton Estate said:

“Whilst we acknowledge the need for improvements and investment, the Estate is disappointed with the recent ruling to approve the A556 as it means many more local people’s homes, farms and businesses, on and off the Estate, will be adversely affected than with the alternative solutions put forward by local residents together with the Estate.

 “We are pleased however that the Inspector and Secretary of State found a number of exceptions where the public benefit does not outweigh the harm and that our representations have been recognised.  This includes encouraging the Highways Agency (and United Utilities) to work with those affected, especially the Estate, to reduce the impact of the scheme and try to reach agreement rather than relying on compulsion.  The Tatton Estate welcomes this instruction and hopes now to have meaningful dialogue to achieve a better result for all.”