Tatton Estate Petitions Cheshire West and Chester County Council

On behalf of residents and businesses in Bostock, the Tatton Estate is urging Cheshire West and Chester County Council (CWAC) to investigate a traffic management and calming scheme to improve safety and the local environment along London Road, which passes through the centre of the historic village of Bostock Green.

A traffic management and calming scheme would enhance the Conservation Area; reduce the risk of death and injury to adults and children; reduce noise and vibration and overall environmental health to residents and the new Nursery School.

Measures could include a 30mph or lower speed limit; a part time advisory speed limit at school time; quieter road surface; traffic calming; on-street parking with physical protection; a lining and road colouring scheme and better signage to ensure traffic uses the A533 bypass.

We would be delighted if you would support and share our online petition here.