Tatton Planning

Tatton Group Planning

Tatton Group works with property owners and occupiers to provide the latest planning advice and support to help navigate the complex planning system.

We are business people and property owners and will give you strong commercial options and advice, not just run off racking up fees for you.  Wherever appropriate, we will always look to establish what the big picture opportunities and long-term strategy are and tailor work and advice to work towards those.

People and businesses often need flexibility – not something normally associated with the planning system – and we understand that and will always look to exploit permitted development rights, flexible changes of use and other tools to help achieve what you need now and in the future.

We also prefer to offer councils and communities real options, not just tick-box consultation, to facilitate real local benefit and support.  Providing a range of acceptable solutions also changes the debate from “Yes/No” to “A, B or C?”.

Located in the heart of Knutsford working nationally, Tatton Group Planning roots in the northwest and has built excellent relationships with senior officers across authorities in the region and beyond, both north and south.

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