Constain Compound Consultation


Galliford Try, Balfour Beatty and The Millington Estate


Costain Compound, Land South of Lymm Road (A56), Altrincham, Bowdon Roundabout, WA14 4SP

This planning application is for the variation of conditions 1 and 2 of approved application 18/3219M, which was for the proposed continued use of construction compound including associated access, car parking, construction vehicle storage, portacabins and other associated works.


  • Completed planning application form and notices;
  • Site Layout Plan
  • Site Location Plan
  • Supporting Letter from Balfour Beatty and Galliford Try

As noted above, this planning application seeks permission for the continued use of the site as a compound without material amendment to the consent already granted. The reasons for this include the delays associated with the smart motorway works; COVID 19; and the need to facilitate the government progressing the two largest rail projects in the United Kingdom; which demonstrate there is a clear requirement to extend the time period for the use of the site. Given the above reasons, this section 73 application therefore seeks to vary condition 1 to allow for a five year period post this Section 73 determination and update the plan to reflect the current configuration anticipated. Assuming an 8-week determination period, this would allow the site to operate as a compound up to December 2025, thereby extending the life of the permission by 4 years (currently 2021).

CONDITION 1 we propose the following wording;

“The use hereby permitted is temporary. It shall discontinue and the land returned to agricultural use on or before 30th December 2025 in accordance with a scheme of work submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority”.

“Reason: To enable continued control and appraisal of the development proposed having regard to the particular circumstances and nature of the development”.

CONDITION 2 we propose the following wording;

A Non-Material Amendment to the planning permission, referenced 20/1321M was submitted in March 2020. We have just slightly amended this drawing further due to the contractor’s requirements. Also, it has become clear that site compounds are dynamic environments where their configuration needs to change regularly based on the stage of the project and therefore it is importance the consent is to be ‘in broad accordance’ with the plans.

“The development hereby approved shall be carried out broadly in accordance with the Proposed Site Compound Plan 001 Rev 9.

“Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and to specify the plans to which the permission/consent relates”.

The compound is supporting works for three nationally significant infrastructure projects. Works on two of them will continue for a generation or more. It is considered that this existing site still represents the only logical location and obvious solution to completing the forthcoming M56 smart motorway works given the extensive access and groundworks which are already in place to facilitate the continued use of the site 4 as a compound facility even if another site were available, which there is not. Clearly, to build a new compound elsewhere would have significant environmental harm – wasting materials in this one and creating a new site too; traffic disruption at both; would create potential programme delay and safety issues; as well as unnecessary cost to the taxpayer.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this application, please do not hesitate to drop us a message below.

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