Are you paying too much for your business rates? TEM can offer advice and guidance


Did you know that current rating assessments, effective from 2010, are actually based on rental values as at 1st April 2008?

This means that any dramatic changes in value that occurred during and after the recession won’t have been reflected in your current rating assessment and hence the rates payable.

The 2015 revaluation was postponed until April 2017 meaning that business will have had to wait 2 years longer than they should have before their rates liability will be reassessed.

The revaluation effective from 1st April 2017 will be based on rental levels as at 1st April 2015 (7 years since the last tone was set!) so it’s important that you act now so that you are fully prepared for the valuation office’s reassessment when it arrives through the post.

The valuation office is currently collecting evidence of values so they can work out the new rateable values for each property.

Don’t ignore their requests for information.

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